outline of a compare and contrast essay

Love to compose “warm and fuzzy” inspirational content? In deep love with travel writing? Want to prose about meals, wine along with other libations?

We monitored down publications that pay money for the things I call “lifestyle” things. Get the laptop computer — as well as your digital camera — prepared because a good amount of these magazines pay money for pictures along with your tale. best of luck using, and don’t forget to circle as well as inform me in the event that you land anything through the list, ok?

And oh yeah, take a moment to share it along with your fellow freelance article writers. Think about it as a “gift” for the break period. Before we arrive at these writing gigs, follow are …

A few things we noticed while placing this list together …

Travel Writing: It’s alive and well, due to the fact amount of listings which can be when you look at the travel niche indicate. Nonetheless, it is commonly local and does not pay all that well. But, if you’re brand new and/or attempting to build or expand your profile, it’s a great destination to begin. Additionally, a complete great deal from it is often local.

Airline Mags: I’ll be assembling a list that is separate of at some point, simply because they constantly be seemingly looking article writers additionally the pay is not that shabby. (more…)